Tess ellen aka Samantha ‘sammie’ paige

Recently I have been captivated by a gorgeous little vixen who went by the stage name Tess Ellen in some soft-core videos for cosmid.net; I like the way one video commenter summed her up: she is every guy’s fantasy version of Anne Hathaway (she’s cute, skinny, and has big tits folks).

Her current Facebook profile pic

Trouble is her mother found out about her more risque modelling practices and since that she has only been doing non-nude shoots, and no videos at all. Now it’s not like there is anything in particular we can do to change this per se… BUT I have come across some interesting tidbits completely by accident that other interested parties should know:

1. She does in fact show her pussy in the Tess Ellen shower video — dailymotion cropped her lower half out, and it is the top search return for tess ellen videos. Xvideo has the uncut version, it is 8 minutes long whereas the censored version is about 7 minutes. I have embedded a gif containing the telling frames which led me to dig a little deeper for the full video; thanks boobdiction!

2. Though she has another stage name, Samantha ‘Sammie’ Paige, Tess Ellen is also not her real name. [REDACTED] one of her videos [REDACTED] revealed that her true name is [REDACTED– I found it, but you’ll have to follow the white rabbit yourself]. Not a very porn-friendly moniker to be sure, but it is definitely her.

I do wonder if a little web-based encouragement could get her revealing herself to us again (positive only please; women can rarely resist sincere flattery, but harassing her may drive her off the ‘net completely or worse). She mentions somewhere that she moved to SC to be with her Navy boyfriend– I wonder what she looks like getting fucked by him? I’d like to see that…



33 responses to “Tess ellen aka Samantha ‘sammie’ paige

  1. I went to high school with her 🙂 . She was a waitress this summer at a local cafe, every time I saw her I thought of those jugs and a smile would come to my face.

  2. Holy crap, somebody besides me reads my blog?! Awesome! Anyway, yeah that’s the name I came up with as well. A commenter on the shower video at Xvideos mentioned he went to college with her and her name was Ashley Murad; one quick Facebook search later and I had her middle name as well… not that it does anybody any good 😦 Ah well, I was satisfied when I found out she bares her lower lips in the shower vid

  3. My intel tells me that Ashley is from a blue blood family. Her grandfather was a respective NY State Supreme Court Judge that recently passed away at 79. I believe she also has other very prominent lawyers and judges in her uncles and aunts, and cousins. I also understand that Ashley was a very good track athlete in high school. I believe her best sport was the pole vault…Sounds like a loss to all of us voyeurs. Maybe she stopped modeling because her family had to step in to protect their image and name….oh well.

  4. 709 norway drive bar harbor maine, for those of you who are wondering where she lives. thats the address that comes up with a white pages search. stalk away.

  5. Not married… Camden the Navy guy is her boyfriend and if you follow her Twitter feed, she’s a train wreck… dropped out of college, followed the Navy guy to SC, he cheated on her, she loves the Kardashians, broke her nose at a Less Than Jake concert, wants to move back to Maine, on and on. Still… those incredible tits and gorgeous eyes are the real deal (and who knows, maybe she’ll show more of them). Not exactly a class act, but seriously hot in a girl next door with a huge rack who loves to give hand jobs kind of way. She has a little sister who seems more together (goes to a prestigious college) and from the one pic I found is really cute, too, and may also have huge jugs.

  6. The truth is that she was caught by the University she worked at. She was fired and forced to drop her major and change schools. She’s been spending her days back home in Bar Harbor, Maine. And I know her real name because I know her in person.

    • I absolutely have to disagree with you, Popeye.
      For one, our ‘Tess’-Ashley has a much cuter face IMO and more importantly, the Spanish Ashley has surgically enhanced breasts which makes it a win on all accounts for ‘Tess’-Ashley.

  7. Okay, how do we get her back doing videos? She is so freakin hot. I’d pay serious cash to see her stripping again.

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